Network marketing: what it is and how it works

Network marketing, multilevel marketing, multilevel marketing, multilevel marketing, pyramid scheme: these terms are increasingly frequent, and we often hear about the earnings that can be obtained with this type of activity. But what exactly is network marketing, and how does it work? And how is it different from the pyramid scheme? In this article you will learn where network marketing originates and you will discover how it works specifically.

What are you waiting for then? Keep reading! Start selling Phone Number Data online with Shopify Start your free trial Network marketing: what it is and where it comes from First, let’s try to understand what exactly “network marketing” means and investigate the origin of this marketing strategy . multilevel marketing → Click Here to Launch Your Online Business with Shopify Network marketing: meaning Network marketing: what is it? Network marketing is a sales method in which independent agents serve as distributors of goods and services and are encouraged to build and manage their own workforce by hiring and training other independent agents.

Under this method, each agent earns a commission based on his own sales revenue, and on the sales completed by other agents he has hired and who are under him. This method, also called pyramid schemes or multi-level marketing, is a multi-billion dollar industry. Nonetheless, it is a banned strategy in several countries due to its track record as a vehicle for consumer fraud. Where did network marketing originate? Network marketing has its origins in a strategy from almost two centuries ago, but its arrival in the West began in 1934, with a Californian vitamin company.