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If you are familiar with the Stripo editor, you probably have heard about its smart elements. The flow is as follows: you paste a link to your product page into the product card in your email, and Stripo automatically pulls all the necessary information—product snippet, price, description, link, and the “Buy” button—into this card. SRT Transformer allows you to create the entire email using the same flow as for product cards. In this way, this API helps to significantly cut the time on email creation.

There are four steps to start using SRT in your future newsletters: You design the email the way you like. You can save modules of this email to your personal Whatsapp mobile Number List
Module storage. Here, you will need a developer’s help. Configuring SRT for your newsletters will take a skilled programmer a day or two. Enjoy! Find more information on our Help Center. Results “Before SRT Transformer, it would take us 2–3 hours to build an email campaign. Now, it takes us under 40 minutes. We save up to 2 hours and 20 minutes on every campaign. As I have already mentioned, we build 2 email campaigns daily. So, we save up to 4 hours and 40 minutes a day, which is like 55% of a working day. This gives us lots of time to think about new email marketing strategies and deep analysis.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The company has transferred the entire process of creating its newsletter to the SRT rails. All types of emails, from daily ones to special category emails and emails with promotional codes are now created efficiently with the Stripo SRT API. Pokupon SRT Promo (Newsletter with promo codes from Pokupon created using SRT) Who can benefit from SRT “Email marketers who want to get rid of the routine, who want to optimize processes for the client, and full-time email marketers with so many tasks and so little time. SRT greatly optimizes and automates newsletter production. Freelancers will also benefit from SRT if the client needs to use end-to-end methods, and it is crucial for them to speed up email production."